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How Much Does It Cost To Deworm A Cat In Canada

In addition, if your vet determines your cat has intestinal parasites, you will have to pay for the treatment drug. Again depending on the type of treatment (usually oral) and the amount.

  • Mar 22, 2022In most cases, deworming a cat will cost between $3 and $18. In some instances, a basic visit may cost as much as $15 to $50. Generally, the cost of the medication will vary.

  • For this phase, the cost to deworm a cat is somewhere around $3 to $18. Take note: owners must abide by the physician’s prescription. Take note: owners.

  • Home Treatment: Around $22. At a Vet: $18-$68. Deworming a cat involves applying over-the-counter or prescription medication at home. Costs vary according to the worm type and.


How Much Does It Cost To Deworm A Cat In Canada

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