What is Topspin?

I had to know. What was topspin? it was 1991 in Perth, Western Australia. Our

coaches were telling us about topspin for

the first time from what I can rememb

er. My doubles partner, Simon, and I were telling each other to be careful and not to use it unless we were really sure. We were in the Sceptre Junior Tennis Classic at

Scarborough Tennis Club. We were told to brush the ball, whatever that meant.

Anyway, I am pretty sure I hit one or two max that day and just played my regular basic hitting. I started applying it on my garage wall at home, in between two bicycle hooks and using the chopped wood all stacked up for my net.

That Summer at my Nana and Pop's house in Bunbury, there was this pristine pool table. I practiced for hours on end rolling the ball back and forth, mimicking a hitting wall. I was playing matches in my mind, just like I liked to do on the hitting wall.

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